20 Books to Read to Your Unborn Baby!


In middle of pregnancy weeks, a your little cute baby begins listening to various sounds. The most important sound that a baby can listen to is the heartbeat of the mother.

However, as a few weeks pass, the baby starts reacting to hushed sounds outside the womb as well. That is the time when you can begin talking to him. You can chat with your unborn, share all your emotions and feelings, or even read a book to the baby.

Yes! Reading a nice book to your baby when he is still in the womb can be useful for him. It boosts feelings in the baby and enables him to respond to various stimuli. It is also acknowledged to ready the baby for life after his birth.  

Books to Read to Your While You Are Pregnant

Selecting the good books to read to your unborn baby is an illustrative stage in the quality time you will consume with your family. Loudly reading stories to your baby in the womb is an incredible way of bonding for you, your baby, and your husband.

Sometimes, reading aloud to your unborn baby can be entirely awkward. However, reading is also an entertaining, encouraging, and simple way to let others involved with your pregnancy.

Reading these 20 below-mentioned books to your unborn baby will lower the awkwardness and start a few adoring family memories! Without additional worry, here are some top 20 books that you can read to your unborn baby.  

1. Baby Beluga, by Raffi and Ashley Wolff

Baby Beluga, by Raffi and Ashley Wolff

This is a song about this little, white whale. This song is possibly the most beloved song of all Raffi’s creations.  

The Baby Beluga song teaches the children about the interdependence of all the lives present on Earth. Also, it teaches your children about the significance of maintaining a neat environment. Through this song, your unborn baby will get a first yet joyful lesson by getting introduced to the enchanting Baby Beluga.  

Features of the Book  

  • The book contains delightfully beautiful illustrations which makes it attractive for both the baby and the parent. 
  • This is a songbook so it will help your child’s speaking as well as listening skills.

2. Goodnight Moon


This book is a classic in children’s literature and comes in the list of the most-beloved books by generations of listeners and readers. The book has quiet poetry and gentle words which makes the book best to read before the bedtime or the end of the day. 

The entire book is full of names of things in a room and pointing out everything one by one which will make your kid learn in a fast way. The Goodnight Moon is a book that is a must for every mom-to-be bookshelf.  

Features of the Book 

  • The book has very soothing illustrations that are best for night time to give a warm and cozy environment to sleep. 
  • Another best thing about this book is that it features the singsong rhythm and an irregular singing pattern. 

3. The Cat in the Hat


The Cat in the Hat is one of the best books to read to your unborn child. It is a book written by Dr. Suess which says it all. Dr. Suess is very much famous for writing children’s books.

However, his books are admired by not only the children but also the adults. The adults love these classics because of the lesson taught in the book is for every age.  

Features of the Book 

  • The book is based on multiple experiences of the cat showing various situations, making your child learn different lessons. 
  • The book has cool illustrations showing the whole story in images.  

4. Brown Bear, Brown Bear


The book Brown Bear, Brown Bear is written by an award-winning and internationally best-selling author. Knowing this can tell you how best the book can be. It is a classic child book with lots of pictures. The book will help the toddlers to learn colors and meaning to different objects.  

Features of the Book 

  • The book is full of exciting colored artwork and designs making it attractive. 
  • Different favorite animals are pictured to make the story rhythmic and a perfect introduction to children for learning about animals.  
  • The language of the book is very simple and repetitive which makes the children delighted and read more.  
  • The book is printed in a small size which makes it cute. 

5. Oh, Baby! The Places You’ll Go


This modification of the classic book is an excellent way to introduce your unborn or new baby to the incredible world of Dr. Seuss. Tish Rabe consumes much of the original stuff to explain to your unborn babies that they have to look forward to knowing the characters and worlds of Dr. Seuss.  

Features of the Book 

  • The fabulously written book is filled with adventures and different places. 
  • The book has lots of rhythmic words and phrases making it a perfect read for your baby. 

6. Pat the Bunny


The book Pat the Bunny is again another most loving child’s classic book. This is the book that many people may remember about their childhood. For many generations, this classic book has created special moments for the baby and the parents.

Reading this book to your baby creates cherished moments that will last a lifetime. 

Features of the Book 

  • This classic has a feature of touch and feel which makes the babies play with it and engage them. 
  • The soft material of the book and its illustrations make the book very attractive for both the parents and the baby. 

7. Where the Wild Things Are


The Where the Wild Things Are is a medal-winning book. The book is full of pictures and it has become one of the most highly acknowledged and most-loved books for children of all time. This picture book is a must for every children’s bookshelf.   

Features of the Book 

  • The printing of the book is of very high-quality, thus, engages its readers. 
  • Lots of adjectives are used which are impressively informative for children. 

8. Love You Forever


Love You Forever is a classic and all-time favorite book. This songbook is not only for the babies in your womb but it is a bit intense, endearing, sweet, cheerful, and somehow messy. Therefore, it can also relate to motherhood experiences.  

By reading this to your baby, your unborn baby will hear your voice and get to know how much you love him even before he is born. This idea makes this book loved the most by moms.  

Features of the Book 

  • The book features sprinklings of fantasy to spice up the plot of the book. 
  • Consisting of multiple languages and available in paperback format. 

9. Hop on Pop


This is the simplest book of Dr. Seuss that is best for your unborn child. The book is full of short and silly rhymes making it perfect to read alone or reading out loud by your husband.

The spirited rhythm of the book keeps the baby entertained and it is the best book to create father and baby bonding.  

Features of the Book 

  • The book is full of easy words which makes it easy to understand and light for your baby’s brain. 
  • There are many rhyming phrases, at least one on every page, boosting your children’s interests. 
  • Available in board format as well which is perfect for little readers. 

10. Mama, Do You Love Me?


In this internationally famous story, a child tests independence limits and learns that the love of parents is everlasting and unconditional. The book presents the special love relationship between parents and the children which has no boundaries of time or place.

This tender and reassuring book gives an emotional message to both the parent and the child about the love between them. 

Features of the Book 

  • Graphically stunning illustrations are done in the story book keeping it creatively attractive 
  • The book is full of exciting animals like wolves, sled dogs and whales, etc.  
  • The book sets in an engaging and unusual Arctic setting. 
  • Lots of amazing information on Arctic life which is useful for babies to learn fast and parents both.  

11. Where the Sidewalk Ends

Where the Sidewalk Ends is a book collection of poetry for children. The collection of poems written in the book are childhood experiences.

Most of the poems are related to usual concerns of childhood. The book, at the same time, presents the fancy stories of childhood as well. 

Features of the Book 

  • The book is a collection of poems which children adore so much. The rhythms of the poems make the children enjoy them. 
  • The book has drawings related to the poem so that your baby and you both enjoy the book. 

12. When God Made You  

This is a remarkable and sweet story of how your baby is just what the world wants.  

This book is a must-have in every library of a future mom, and one of the favorite books that you can read to your unborn baby. This book addresses God in different ways that a child can understand. The book discusses an admiring relationship between God and all of his creations.  

Features of the Book 

  • The book helps your baby to grow and learn about their special gifts. 
  • Full of playful and charming rhymes. 
  • The book is designed with vivid and fantastical illustrations. 

13. Can’t Wait to Show You  

This award-winning book is yet another must-have book in a mom-to-be library that you should read to your unborn baby. This book is about the magical time of giving birth to your little one into this world.  

When your baby will be older, you will tell him or her in the future multiple times you read this book. Also, this will hopefully let your child love you because he or she will get to know how much you loved her/him even before they were born.  

Features of the Book 

  • This reading book is round-shaped so you can fit it snugly in your pregnant belly. Isn’t this the cutest? 
  • The book is full of sweet verses and creative illustrations to enjoy your time. 

14. Ma! There’s Nothing to Do Here!  

I bet you must be smiling right now! You may have already guessed what this book is about. This book is extremely sweet and hilarious!  

The book is about the story of a baby who is very much bored in his mother’s womb. There is nothing to do except pulling on her bungee cord. He is bored after all, there are no puppies or toys in the womb that he can play with.  

Features of the Book 

  • Book is filled with creative and humorous lines. 
  • The illustrator designed the images very perfectly that were difficult to imagine. 

15. Welcome Little One  

This is a book referring to the moment when the baby is born. The entire book is full of describing the love of a parent for their child. Reading this, the baby feels emotionally attached to its parents and increases its love for them. The book mentions the never-ending love of parents on the arrival of their baby. 

Features of the Book 

  • The book has a little bit of personalization where you can input the name of your baby, weight, and all the birth details. This feature makes the book keepsake and a sweet story of mother love. 
  • The book has lively illustrations and heartfelt rhyming lines and phrases. 

16. Nine Months in my Mommy  

This is yet another top favorite book to read to your unborn baby. It is the perfect bonding chance between you, your baby, and your husband.  

The book gets on about the unborn baby attempting to understand the information of the real world. It is a cute symbol of how babies in your womb often hear their mother’s voice. As the unborn baby in the book tries to figure out what her mother is saying!  

Features of the Book 

  • Original colorful artwork in the book making it attractive. 
  • Creative illustrations are designed in the book. 

17. Here’s the Reason God Made Me  

This list of books to read to your unborn baby seems to get cuter. The book “Here’s the Reason God Made Me” brings out the love of a baby for his parents. It is parenthood the other way around. The book will make your heart swell and fill it with pictures of your baby while hugging you or sitting on your lap or playing.  

Features of the Book 

  • Usage of rhyming words and phrases. 
  • Board book edition and kindle available. 


Hello in There is a fantastic book for a child to read when expecting a new sibling. Or, a parent can also read it when they are expecting a new baby. Also, the book highlights the excitement of a sibling or an expecting child and the miracle of how a baby grows in a mother’s belly. 

Features of the Book 

  • The book combines interactive flaps and lighthearted illustrations. 
  • Available in paperback and eBooks as well. 

19. God Gave Us You  

God Gave Us You is another simple story of a polar bear family. The book features the seeking of the big questions of our daily lives. The story shows the love and affection between a child and the mother. Moreover, the book enhances self-esteem in a child and lets him value himself every day. 

Features of the Book 

  • Available in board book version. 
  • The book reflects many concerns of young readers. 
  • Cute and colorful illustrations. 


It is never too early to begin to tell your baby how adored they are. Usually, some moms do not always feel ooey gooey love for their baby. However, sometimes when you will say these lovely words out loud, these feelings will start to follow.

Reading this book is not just for the baby but it is also for a mother to get to know the love hidden inside in their heart for their baby.  

Features of the Book 

  • The book has deep smoothness and softness in the message of the book. 
  • The lines of the book are satisfyingly rhythmic.  
  • Illustrations are amazing as there are clear lines and geometric shapes giving it a creative look. 

Benefits of Reading Books to Your Unborn Baby

  • The most important part of reading a book to your unborn child is Parent-Baby Bonding. You, your husband and your baby create an emotional connection through this activity. 
  • Talking, reading, and playing a variety of music can help stimulate baby’s senses and improve her brain development 
  • Reading a book often to your unborn child lowers maternal stress in pregnancy time period.  
  • The soothing voice of the mother controls the heart rate of the baby if he is anxious and relaxes the baby. 
  • Reading a book to your unborn baby develops trust and the baby starts to recognize the voice of his mother. This is the reason why babies stop crying right after they hear their mother’s voice. 
  • Listening to the stories while being in the mother’s womb makes the brain of your baby develop and strengthen connections.  
  • Repetitive reading of stories and books help the baby in developing memories and improves the concentration of your baby.  

The books that you can read to your unborn child are mostly focusing on the emotions of parenting. After reading these books to your unborn baby, you can put it to their bookshelf so that after they are born you can still read it to them and feel the emotions of the book. These books are intended to create a strong bond between a parent and an unborn baby.  

Reading these books help the child to recognize its mother’s voice, thus, making him or her comfortable.