The Fox looking at corw

The Fox And The Crow – Aesop’s fables

The crow and the fox
The crow and the fox

Sniffing around the forest, a hungry fox was on the lookout for a meal, when he saw a crow sitting on a tree branch nearby. The fox knew that if he could get his hands on the bird, it would make a scrumptious meal. Much to the fox’s surprise, the crow also had a piece of cheese in his beak. Either the bird or the cheese, both would serve just fine for satisfying his hunger. 

So, the fox approached the crow gayly and sat at the root of the tree, looking up at it. “Oh, wat a beautiful crow you are, with such dark, fascinating feathers” buttered the sly Fox, hoping the crow would give in. 

But the crow was suspicious and thus, did not respond to the fox. The fox continued to flatter the crow, “I have heard that you have a magnificent voice, and the way you sing definitely sets you apart from all the other birds. You must be the queen of all birds”. 

Now the crow was very flattered and happy. She loved being called the Queen of the birds and wished to sing for the fox. Thus, she opened her beak to sing a song, but the piece of cheese fell from her mouth into the fox’s mouth, who quickly gobbled it up. 

Feeling accomplished, the fox went off, having fooled the poor crow. He was not interested in her singing, but only in the bit of cheese. The flatterer often enjoys at the expense of the one he flatters.