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The Moon Rabbit Story – Aesop’s Fables

Once upon a time, there were four friends, a monkey, an otter, a jackal and a rabbit. On the full moon day, the four of them wanted to do some charity. They came across a really old beggar and decided that they would collect him some food as an act of goodness. 

So, the monkey climbed up a high tree and plucked some fruit and put them down in front of the beggar. 

Next, the Otter swam in the water to catch the beggar some fish, and brought it, laying it down in the beggar’s feet. 

The Jackal was a little lazy and did not want to go looking for food, so instead he hunts the first animal he could find and brought it to the beggar. He had caught a lizard, and put it down in the beggar’s feet. 

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But the rabbit could not climb, or swim or hunt so he did not know what he could bring to the beggar. It seems as if no other option was left. All he knew was how to collect grass, but humans didn’t eat grass! So, the rabbit became sad and sat gloomily in a corner. 

Suddenly an idea occurred to him! He remembered that humans like to eat rabbit meat, so he got up and began to prepare a fire and threw himself into it. 

Little did the animals know that the beggar they had been trying to help was actually Sakra, the ruler of the Gods. The rabbit had moved Sakra with his selflessness and virtue and thus he saved him from the fire. 

Sakra told the rabbit that he deserved a reward for his action and thus drew an impression of him on the moon, and he became the moon rabbit since then. 

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