Terribel Tony Story

Terrible Tony

Tony causes trouble

Gina and her friends stood at the edge of their terrace, smiling up at the sky as their kites flew around. Gina’s kite was a bright yellow kite, big, beautiful, and always flew high in the sky. But soon it began to get windy. The girls began to tug and pull at the strings of their kite as they started to fly out of control. Soon the wind was so strong that Gina’s kite flew out of her hands as came tumbling to the ground.

In the garden, Gina’s dog Tony was laying on the grass. As the kite fell to the ground, Tony quickly sprinted to catch, his teeth digging through the thin paper of the kite as he began to chew on it. Horrified Gina and her friends quickly came down stairs and tried to take the kite away from Tony, but he would not let go.

A terrible title

“You’re terrible Tony!” shouted Gina. “You’re a bad dog!”

As Gina scolded the dog, he let go of the kite. The girls picked up the kite and ran off. But Tony thought about what Gina had just said. Was he really a terrible dog? It had hurt his feeling so much, that he decided that from now on he will prove his title true, and do all sorts of terrible things.

So the following few days Tony, behaved as badly as ever. He tore up socks, and spilled bottles of water. He destroyed the plants and plucked the flowers. He would dirty the bed and drop the dishes. All this made Gina very upset. She couldn’t help but wonder why Tony would behave this way. He would never act like this in the past.

Not so bad after all

“Maybe Tony wasn’t so terrible after all” she thought, remembering what a well behaved puppy he used to be.  So one day she picked Tony up in her arms and pet him. “You were such a good dog Tony, oh what has gotten into you”.

Tony calmed down on hearing Gina’s words. He knew that she had realized that Tony wasn’t such a terrible dog. After all, everyone can make mistakes.

So from that day onward, Tony went back to being his playful self, and didn’t cause Gina any extra trouble ever again.

Gina also realized that one bad deed doesn’t make Tony a bad dog, besides, everyone makes mistakes once in a while.

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