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Rain of Tears Story

The Greek God of the underworld Hades had a daughter named Calandra. What Hades did not know about her was that she was in love with Orestes, the son of Zeus. She was a happy and cheerful girl and never caused her father any trouble. 

One day as she looked out of the window, she saw Orestes approaching the underworld. She became nervous because she knew he had arrived to ask for her hand in marriage. When Orestes arrived in the court of Hades, he presented his request. 

“I am Orestes, the son of Zeus. I am here to ask for Calandra’s hand in marriage. I love your daughter a lot and vow to keep her happy” said Orestes. But Hades had a long living rivalry with Zeus and was furious at Orestes for thinking he would give him his daughters hand in marriage. He asked the guards to throw Orestes out at once. 

As the guards threw him out, Orestes was determined not to give up. He snuck in through Calandra’s window during the night and asked her to run away with him. 

“Oh, my dearest Calandra, I vow to never let you down if you chose to elope with me” he said. Calandra who had been heartbroken over her father’s rejection, agreed in a heartbeat. 

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So, Orestes took Calandra to the kingdom of Zeus and introduced his wife to his father.  Zeus was very shocked. “Is she a mortal?” he asked angrily. 

“No father, she is the daughter of Hades” replied Orestes. 

Upon hearing this Zeus was so furious he said he would punish the two if Orestes does not return Calandra immediately. But the two of them flee the kingdom and refuse to part ways. 

Zeus is determined to return Hades daughter because he does not want to associate with him. Since he is the God of the sky, he stirs up a strong, insane wind, which brings the two flying back to his court. 

Calandra and Orestes are terrified. Zeus punishes Orestes by banishing him to the mortals forever, while he keeps Calandra locked up in a cage high above the sky. 

Legend goes, that every time Calandra cries, it rains to this day. 

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