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How To Get Your Kids Excited For Bedtime Story Time?

How to get your kids excited for bedtime stories

Some days there’s nothing harder than getting your children into bed. It seems as if the entire world’s energy is encapsulated in them in the few hours before their bedtime and the second you mention bedtime, you can’t help but feel bad for their sullen faces. 

But what if you could make your kids excited for bedtime story time? Have them look forward to actually getting into bed so they can dive right into reading their favorite books and stories. Sounds like a dream right? We’ve got you covered! 

Here we’ve listed some ways you can get your kids excited for bedtime story time. 

Ask your kids what they want to read. 

One of the best ways to have your kids looking forward to story time is to let them choose what they want to read. This way they’ll feel more involved in the entire process and they’ll actually be more willing to read stories which they have selected themselves. If you can’t squeeze in a trip to the library, then look online for bedtime stories and let your kids pick. Even if it’s a pictorial book, an encyclopedia or even a newspaper, anything that your children pick for themselves should be given top priority. 

Try getting everyone involved. 

Make bedtime story time a family activity. Get everyone snuggled up together and take turns reading to each other. Get the boys involved too. When boys see their father participating and reading too, they’ll surely be more comfortable with associating reading as being a boy’s activity too, and not something which just girls do. You can also have alternate nights on which the girls and boys get to choose their favorite books for you all to read. 

Try finding stories on TV show characters. 

Your kids will love reading stories and books on characters which they already adore. A good idea would be to look for bedtime stories revolving around their favorite characters. It could be your daughter’s favorite Disney princesses or their favorite super heroes, or any fictional character that your children are currently obsessing over. Reading stories with familiar characters will just add to your kids existing appeal to the characters. You can also make stories up with their favorite characters as the lead and take them on imaginary adventures. 

Act it out. 

The most exciting element you can add to bedtime story time is making it all a tad bit more dramatic. Trying playing out the characters and putting a funny voice on each one. Impersonation is a great way to add in some fun and humor that your kids will look forward to all day. You can also pick out books with more dialogues and can pick a character for each kid and give them a chance to read out their designated part, almost like a little skit.  

Continue the story.

The story doesn’t have to end when the pages do. You and your kids can continue imagining or reimaging your favorite characters going on new adventures that you yourself create. You don’t need a book to be able to have a good story time, especially when you can just keep creating stories on your own. 

Try out audio books. 

Times have changed and the resources available to learn are endless. If you want to switch up story time and make it a little less monotonous, you can try out great audio books or video stories available online. They usually have great expression, and while it’s a great way to sharpen your kids listening skills and also integrate technology into their routines. You will also be free to comment and listen to the story along with them and you can all engage in meaningful conversation as you listen. 

Imagine, imagine, imagine! 

If you have books without pictures, you don’t have to worry. There are so many ways you can put that to your advantage. While reading, you can pass your kids some paper and some pencils, and ask them to draw up how they imagine their favorite characters to look like. This is an excellent way to amp up the creativity and it also actively engages your kids with the stories and it’s sure to add that extra bit of magic to your routine. 

Rhyme and rhythm.

Most children love a storyline with a good rhyme sequence. Poems are also easier to learn in general and can quickly become your children’s favorite. A story which has great rhythm is a great way to keep your kids hooked for hours. Coupled with illustrations, a story which is rhythmic can be just the right fix after a rough day. There are so many different types of rhythms you can find such as swaying, rambling and so on. Go over a couple and see which ones your kids are the most responsive too. 

A good way to promote engagement with literature is to chant your favorite rhymes with your child and learn them too! They’ll surely be excited before the next night to chant their favorite rhymes with you. 

Adding excitement is all about engaging your kids in story time instead of you just reading out to them. Be it taking turns to read, or drawing or just simply putting on some funny voices, you’ll surely delight your kids and keep them longing for the next session if you just get them involved into it. 

Happy reading! 

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