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How To Choose The Best Bedtime Story

How to choose the best bedtime story

There’s no comparison to the calmness of the moment when you and your kid are tucked into bed, snuggled up with your favorite book. Bedtime story time is a great way to unwind, and build an emotional bond with your child. It’s also a great way to boost literacy, language and cognitive abilities. 

But choosing the right bedtime story or book can be tricky sometimes. While we do think there is never really a right or wrong when it comes to reading, but we’ve compiled some points which may help you get started by picking the right books. 

Let your child choose the book. 

The best way to pick a story or book is to see what your child is interested in. It could be anything ranging from a simple straightforward story, a pictorial book, a newspaper or a sports manual. When you let the kids choose they’re more likely to be engaged in the story.  

You don’t necessarily have to cater a trip to the library, browse online on various websites to catch a variety of bedtime stories and poems, but if you want to keep the conventional essence alive, grab a book and flip through the pages of your beloved books. 

Topics and themes 

The purpose of these bedtime rituals is to get into sleep mode. Picking stories with bedtime or night time as themes is a great way to psychologically ease your child into relaxing. Storylines revolving around dreams or nighttime adventures should be ideal.  

Similarly, color palettes in books dense with pictures are also important. Pictures with dark blues and violet shades can help your child associate the reading activity with night time and sleep, and this may help them relax and unwind more effectively. 

Of course, there is no compulsion to this rule. Another great theme for bedtime stories is moral stories for kids. Kids tend to be very receptive before bedtime and that is a great time to introduce them to good morals and lessons. So, is it a short tale about an evil wolf meeting his fate, or fairytale with a wholesome ending, this is a great time to relax and learn some lifelong morals and lessons with your kids.  

Read about current life situations. 

One way to pick a good story is to find something which resonates with your child. It could be the kind of character the story revolves around, or the kind of situations or dilemmas the story is about. If there is something you want to educate your child on, or want to speak to them about, reading a book regarding that is a good way to ignite the conversation.  

There are entire books dedicated to manners or body part or bullying even. There are so many issues you can raise with your kids and they can prove to be fruitful. Try picking up stories which can lead to important conversation and discussions. Try asking your kids what they would have done if they were in a similar situation, or if they have been in a similar situation.  

Books for babies 

When you’re reading to an infant or baby, pictures matter a lot. Try choosing books with colorful animations since it aids visual simulation. As attractive as the pictures will be, your baby will be willing to flip through the pages himself amazed at the colors. 

It is also important to focus on finding stories with less complex language. When reading to an infant try reading slower so that it is easier for your child to learn the formation of words.  

Rhyme and rhythm 

Most children love a storyline with a good rhyme sequence. Poems are also easier to learn in general and can quickly become your children’s favorite. A story which has great rhythm is a great way to keep your kids hooked for hours. Coupled with illustrations, a story which is rhythmic can be just the right fix after a rough day. There are so many different types of rhythms you can find such as swaying, rambling and so on. Go over a couple and see which ones your kids are the most responsive too. 

A good way to promote engagement with literature is to chant your favorite rhymes with your child and learn them too!  

Discover new genres 

There are so many stories out there for you and your child to discover. Be it a a knights adventures around a kingdom or the tales of a spooky haunted castle, or even yet fables of your favorite animals, there are so many genres for you and your child to discover. 

While picking the ideal story, trying understanding what characters you child wants to read about. Are they inclined towards princes and dragons and fairies, or are they more into scientists and aliens. There’s so much for you both to browse through together. 

On a final note, just go on reading. Don’t feel pressurized to pick the right story when anything you read with your child will probably result in some good lessons, a new word, and if nothing, some good memories. So make bedtime special and just keep flipping! 

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