pub-4907182055201184 Moral Stories | 2022 Bedtime Story - Part 2

The Wild Boar And The Fox – Aesop’s Fable

One day a wild boar was standing by a tree, sharpening his horns at the base of it. A fox passing nearby saw the boar and decided that it was a great opportunity for some banter. The Fox began to pretend that there was danger nearby, teasing the boar for his useless sharpening. But the … Read more

The Fox And The Stork – Aesop’s fables

Orange fox thinking of white and brown stork

A Fox a Stork were good friends and would often engage in banter with each other. This time however, the Fox wished to amuse himself at the expense of the Stork. So, he invited the Stork to have dinner with, but this was all part of an evil plan.  The Fox made some soup for … Read more

Travelers And Plane Tree – Aesop’s fable

Two travellers resting near plane tree

Exhausted from the heat of the blazing sun, two travelers lay down under the shade of a tree. As they slowly regained their energy, looking up at the tree, one of them commented, “oh what a shame. This is a plane tree. The plane tree bears no fruit and only uselessly throws dried leaves around.”  Suddenly, a … Read more

Town Mouse And Country Mouse – Aesop’s fable

Two mice standing, one is country mouse and other is town mouse

A country mouse spent his days on a barn. He ate scanty food and slept on hay in his little mousehole. He woke up to the rough country life and had to search for food every day. On the contrary, a city mouse lived comfortably. He lived inside a warm house, and never had to … Read more

The Crow And The Pitcher – Aesop’s fables

The crow and the pitcher

On a hot summer evening, a crow was trying to drink some water from a deep hollow container, but to no avail. The water was too deep in for the crow’s beak to reach it. Feeling as though he might die of thirst, the crow began actively thinking of a way to get the water … Read more

The Raven and The Swan – Aesop’s fables

The raven and the swan

The raven, black as coal, was always distressed about its looks. Every day it would look at swan and envy her pearly white feathers and beautiful long neck. Thinking of ways through which the raven could start looking like the swan, he decided that maybe if he started living like her, he could start looking … Read more

The Dog and His Master’s Dinner – Aesop’s fables

The Dog and his master's food

A dog had mastered the duty of carrying his master’s dinner to the table perfectly. Every day he would carry the meal to the required destination as faithfully as possible. However, the delicious smell of the food often tempted, yet he never succumbed to temptation.  One day, a pack of wild dogs tried to stop him on … Read more

Young Crab and His Mother – Aesop fable

The young crab and his mother

A mother crab was watching her son walk towards her when she asked him why he always walked sideways. “You should always try to walk forward with your toes straight out” she scolded him, embarrassed by her sons silly antics. But the young crab did not know how to walk straight, since he had never … Read more

The Bundle of Sticks – Aesop’s Fables

the bundle of sticks

A father of seven sons was distressed over the fact that his sons seemed to always be quarrelling. No matter what he told them or what he advised them, they never gave up their mindless quarrels. Thus, the father decided that he would present a good example to his sons which ought to teach them a lesson.  … Read more

Hercules and The Wagoner – Aesop’s Fables

Hercules and the Wagoner

On a rain evening, a farmer was carrying his load in a wagon. The country road was so muddy that the oxen were struggling to pull the wagon along. Finally, as the wagon crossed a muddy, sticky patch on the road, one of the wheels sank into the dirt, and no matter how hard the … Read more