the lion and the bullock

The Lion and Bullocks – Aesop’s fables


One day a lion sat under the shade of a tree watching three bullocks graze from afar. His stomach grumbled at the sight of them as he wished to devour them in a meal. But every time the lion tried to chase the bulls, he was intimidated by them and they would chase him away. The bulls were far too strong for him, and he was no match for the three of them together. Yet, he kept trying. 

However, one day the three bullocks, who were good friends, ended up having a quarrel. One day as the lion came to the field to attempt to catch one of them, he saw that the three bulls were no longer grazing together, but instead were at three different corners of the field.  

Now the lion was at an advantage. He attacked them one after the other and ended up killing all three and had enough to eat for days. Truly, their unity had been their strength. On their own they were easily chased down. 

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