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The Frog And The Ox – Aesop’s fables

green frog in bushes looking at ox

A big, bulky bull stepped down into a marshy pond to get a drink of water. However, in the process, the bull trampled a small frog, pushing it deep into the mud.  

The frog’s companions quickly rushed home and told his mother about the incident. Intrigued by the size of the bull, the frog puffed herself up, asking the kids if it was this big. “Much bigger” they replied, and the frog puffed herself up even further. But each time she puffed herself, the kids told her she was still not large enough. 

So, the frog puffed and puffed herself, drawing in the air till she burst into a million pieces. She had been trying to the impossible but to no avail. 

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