the rose and butterfly

The Butterfly And The Rose – Aesop’s Fables

A butterfly once fell in love with a beautiful rose. It would flutter around it and admire the rose for its crimson petals and blossoming beauty. The rose was not oblivious to the advances either, she herself was growing infatuated with the butterfly’s golden and black wings, and blushed red at his advances. 

Soon the two committed to each other and spent sweet evenings and great moments together. However, soon the butterfly had to part from the rose, and after promises of constancy and loyalty, the butterfly left. 

But it was very long before the butterfly returned to the rose. It seemed as if days and days had gone by since they had heard from each other. The rose was devastated, “This is your promise of constancy?” she cried. “you have returned after so long, and while you were gone, I have heard you mingled with so many other flowers. The bumble bee caught you with the tulips too. He should’ve stung you then” she exclaimed. 

“You ask for constancy, when you yourself are not loyal. I have seen you lock eyes with every bug that comes your way and have been going about with the bees and the fireflies!” stormed the butterfly angrily. 

If you demand constancy, you should serve it too. 

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